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[GB] Ciel65 Extras
[GB] Ciel65 Extras
[GB] Ciel65 Extras
[GB] Ciel65 Extras

[GB] Ciel65 Extras

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Following the success of Ciel60, ChickenMan comes in with the same gummy-worm goodness in the 65% layout and an external weight!

GB End: 2th September 2022
Estimated Fulfilment: Q4 2022
Large Softcap Unit Limit

This is a pre-order product, as such delays may happen and should be expected. This item is excluded from our refund policy. Shipping is charged separately.
Screw-In stabs are supported on the Ciel65!
An RGB strip can be soldered onto the PCB, sold seperately!

Base kits are sold here, please checkout base kit and extras together. 
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Please do not combine this item with in-stock items.
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Please do not pay with installment plans.
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You can order extras as a standalone order without the Ciel65 base kit. 

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PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
PCB Material: FR4
Plate Thickness: 1.5mm 
O-Ring Dimensions: CS: 3.5mm, ID: 190mm
Daughterboard: Unified Daughterboard by ai03
LED Model: SK6812