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K.TECHS S1 Linear Switches

K.TECHS S1 Linear Switches

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Shopee's No.1 seller in Singapore is no stranger to switches, and he's used all that experience to make his first custom switch!

The K.TECHS' S1 is a culmination of all of the modern advances in features for switches in 2022. Featuring a long POM stem, the HPE top housing, and the mysterious bottom housing material topped off with the snappy 63.5g double staged spring, each keypress is sure to satisfy. 

The stem for the S1 is made from POM and is 13.5mm long; top housing is made from HPE and the bottom housing is made from a proprietary material from TECSEE!

  • PCB mounted design (5 pins)
  • 63.5g double-stage spring
  • 3.5mm Total travel
  • Light factory lubrication
  • Designed by K.TECHS
  • Manufactured by TECSEE