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Keychron Q2 Plate
Keychron Q2 Polycarbonate PC Plate
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Keychron Q2 Switch Plates

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First-party switch plates for your Keychron Q2 to change the sound and feel for a more unique typing experience! Available in three popular material choices to replace the original aluminum plate of the Q2.


A brass plate gives you stronger tapping feedback. The brass plate also gives the keys a more metallic, higher-pitched sound, giving you a thicker and more solid typing feel. If you like the feedback of a solid metal keyboard, the brass plate is the ideal choice for you.

Polycarbonate (PC)

PC is the most flexible material choice - if you're a heavy typer who enjoys a flexy, springy keyboard then this PC plate will be your best choice. The PC plate also typically delivers a deeper, thoccier sound profile. 

FR4 (Fiberglass)

FR4 is a high-density fiber material that feels between an aluminum and PC. It is solid, yet flexible which is a great in-between choice for both typing feel and sound profile.


1 x Plate
16 x Gaskets