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Keychron Q1 Pro Hotswappable 75% Custom Mechanical Keyboard
Keychron Q1 Pro Hotswappable 75% Custom Mechanical Keyboard
Keychron Q1 Pro Hotswappable 75% Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron Q1 Pro Hotswappable 75% Custom Mechanical Keyboard

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The Keychron Q1 is a name that has carved itself into the history books of the world of mechanical keyboards, learning from its forerunners and creating something truly special. 

And now we pursue at a border again, and Keychron's ready to move the benchmark even higher. 

Improved Switches and Keycaps

Included in the Q1 Pro are Keychron's new K-Pro switches that come pre-lubricated from the factory for unparalleled smoothness and tightness - delivering a satisfying typing experience right out of the box.

The keycaps on the Q1 Pro are all-new double-shot PBT with a KSA profile that is a similar height to PBT, but with an SA-like shape and angle. 

Unlimited Possibilities

The Keychron Q1 is a premium all-metal keyboard that allows customizability for every key switch, keycap, stabilizer, personal badge, and even plate. It’s designed to fully personalize your experience and offer a more comfortable typing experience.

Detailed Construction

The Q1 Pro is crafted with a 6063 aluminum CNC-machined body that goes through 24 processes, including polishing, anodizing, and a sandblasted finish.

A gasket-mount design provides the board with a comfortable flexible typing feel and a satisfying typing sound, combined with the stock PC plate; you won't get tired typing on the Q1 Pro.

Mac & Windows Compatibility

Built with Mac users’ experience in mind while still retaining compatibility for Windows devices, Keychron Q1 comes with a system toggle and an additional set of customized keycaps for both Windows and macOS systems. You will be able to save two different layouts in the keyboard, one for each system.

Keychron Q1 Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard Windows Mac Compatibility

Firmware Programmability

With full QMK and VIA support, you can program and remap each key on the keyboard with ease. The open-source firmware means endless possibilities for keyboard layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, and more.

Supports both PCB mounted (5-pin) and Plate mounted (3-pin) MX-style switches.
Use SMD-LED compatible switches for the best backlight shine thru. 

Number of Keys: 83 keys
Switches: Keychron K Pro Red/Brown/Banana switches 
Main Body Material: Aluminum
Plate Material: PC
Stabilizer Mount: PCB Screw-In
Keycap Material: Double-shot PBT
Keycap Profile: KSA
Layout: ANSI

Wired USB 2.0 Type-C 
Compatible System: macOS/Windows

Dimensions: 327.5 x 145mm
Weight: 1736 (fully assembled)
Height (front): 22.6mm
Height (rear): 35.8mm
Angle: 5.2°
Feet Height: 2.4 mm
Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃

1x Fully Assembled Keyboard (Case, PCB, Foams, Gaskets, Stabilizers)
1x Switch Puller
1x Keycap Puller
1x Screwdriver
1x Hex Key

Prebuilt variant additionally includes:
1x Double-Shot PBT keycap set with additional Mac & Window modifier keys
83x K-Pro Switches
1x Type-C to C Cable
1x Type-A to C Adapter