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Keyboard Stabilizer Tuning
Keyboard Stabilizer Tuning
Keyboard Stabilizer Tuning

Keyboard Stabilizer Tuning

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Please select the correct corresponding stabilizer quantity that matches with your keyboard and/or layout, or the number of stabilizers needed. We will send you a custom invoice for top-up if you do not select the right amount.

Ticking or rattly stabilizers? Get it tuned up by the professionals! 

If you're purchasing stabilizers with us, add this as an add-on option in your cart.

If you have your own stabilizers, send them in, or drop them off at our store!

We use genuine Krytox GPL 205g0 from Chemours and Permatex 22058 dielectric grease for all our stab tuning jobs.

Estimated turnaround 2-4 days.

Guidelines for stab quantity:

- HHKB/WKL: 3 stabilizers, or any 60% with split right shift and split backspace, or 65% with split backspace layouts. (Left shift, Spacebar, Enter)
- 65% & 75%: 4 stabilizers. This layout includes Alice builds with two spacebars, left shift, enter, with split right shift and split backspace. (Left Shift, Spacebar, Enter, Backspace)
- TKL & Alice: 5 stabilizers. This layout covers out Lucifer Alice, which has 5 stabs (inclusive of full backspace), and includes conventional 60% keyboards with 5 stabilizers. (Left Shift, Spacebar, Right Shift, Enter, Backspace) 
- 96-key: 6 stabilizers. Covers most 96% keyboards with very specific Alice layouts. (Left Shift, Spacebar, Enter, Backspace, Numpad Plus, Numpad Enter)
- 100%: 8 stabilizers. Any conventional full-size keyboard. (Left Shift, Spacebar, Right Shift, Enter, Backspace, Numpad 0, Numpad Plus, Numpad Enter)