[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!) – Mecha
[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!)
[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!)
[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!)
[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!)
[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!)
[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!)

[GB] Lintech Deskmat (1000x500mm!)

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The design inspiration for this deskmat is primarily drawn from the concept of links, specifically the connecting lines to represent the transmission paths of electronic signals. These lines' intricate and extending interweaving form an orderly and layered pattern. Subtle color variations add a dynamic feel to the overall design, seamlessly combining a sense of technology with modern aesthetics.


  • Color options: Colorful, White, and Green
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 500mm x 4mm
  • Smooth Cloth Top
  • Non-Slip Rubber Bottom
  • High-quality stitched edges
  • Water-resistant
  • Weight: 1182g



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