Workshops – Mecha


If you're on the lookout for a unique team-building experience that promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation, boy do we have something for you!

We're always up to bring the joy of keyboards to more people, so we've put together a workshop to guide anyone through getting their first board!

What to Anticipate:

Introduction to Mechanical Keyboards: Immerse your team in the captivating realm of mechanical keyboards, taking a look behind the curtain and into the nitty gritty of what mechanical keyboards are.

Customization and Personalization: We champion individuality. Team members will have the opportunity to personalize their keyboards with unique keycap sets, switches, and designs, crafting a device as distinctive as they are.

Hands-On Assembly:  Your team will dive into assembling their own mechanical keyboards from scratch, guided by our expert instructors every step of the way.



Team Bonding: Constructing mechanical keyboards as a team demands clear communication and collaboration, offering a fun and effective means to fortify interpersonal relationships.

Problem Solving: Overcoming assembly challenges nurtures problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

Innovation: Customization empowers team members to express their creativity and innovation tangibly.

Take-Home Keyboards: Participants depart with their self-built keyboards, a tangible memento of the experience and a tool for daily use for years to come.

Contact us to discuss availability, customization options, and pricing. 
We don't bite, we promise ;)