[IN-STOCK] WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard
[IN-STOCK] WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard
WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard - Pink
WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard - Purple
WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard - Blue
WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard - White
WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard - Silver

[IN-STOCK] WOBKEY Rainy75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard

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Rainy 75

Input devices of each era have their unique sound profile. From the rhythmic typewriters to the bold '80s IBM keyboards, to cherry keyboards of the 2000s. And now to the gasket mechanical keyboards representing the 2020s. The Rainy 75 embodies the sound of the 2020s. 


More than just its thock sound and Gasket structure, it stands out for offering exceptional quality at an unbeatable price of $89. This combination of superior sound and standard design establishes the Rainy 75 as the epitome of mechanical keyboards in recent years. This board offers an endgame typing experience to both keyboard enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts.

Typing Sound of the Rainy 75

PCB-Gaskets - Delivering Flex and Soft Feedbacks.
PP/FR4 Plate with Flex Cuts - Unique Sound Profiles
...and Enhanced with Foams and a Pro Structural Design

Whether it's Wired, 2.4G, or Bluetooth, the Rainy 75 is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. Compatible with all devices, including iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and others, it's designed not just for connection but for complementing every aspect of your work and play. Additionally, its ultra-low latency ensures that your input is as fast-paced as your ideas, making it an ideal choice for both professional and personal use.


3 Bluetooth Device Storage - Efficiency can be delivered while working on Rainy 75


2.4G Wireless Connection - Only 3ms of Delay, Perfect for Gaming

Precision and beauty unite in the Rainy 75. Its CNC machined 6063 Aluminum has an exceptional tolerance, so precise that a piece of paper cannot fit through its edges. Each keyboard is hand-polished for an ultra-smooth surface. The vibrant colors are applied through a high-cost anodizing/electro-method. The Rainy 75 transcends being just a keyboard; it becomes a centerpiece, enhancing your workspace with both function and art.

Check out Another Video of the Rainy 75

Ultra-smooth surface and Precise Tolerance Control - Even a Plain Piece of Paper Cannot Fit into the Edges. Try it on your aluminum keyboard if you have one already.

The Rainy 75 elevates personal expression to new heights. With 18 dynamic A-RGB lighting animations and full VIA remapping capabilities, both wirelessly and wired, it offers a level of customization rarely seen in keyboards. Shape your typing experience with personalized layouts and weight options. The Rainy 75 isn't just any keyboard; it's a reflection of your unique style and needs.


18 Dynamic RGB Animations and on-device Lighting Adjustments

South-Facing RGB

VIA Support - Wired and Over 2.4G

The Rainy 75 offers 3500mAh/7000mAh battery options, delivering up to 450/900 hours of usage without RGB, and 40/80 hours with RGB. This extended battery life ensures uninterrupted work and play, keeping you productive and wirelessly connected longer.

Long Lasting - Up to Months of Battery Life

Balanced - Both 3500/7000mAh Versions have the Correct Center of Gravity

Hidden Switch - Under Caps Lock, you can Switch to Wired Mode by Using the Switch or Pressing FN+TAB.

Productivity - Both for Work

...and Gaming

The Rainy 75 features Double Shot PBT keycaps in 5 colorways, crafted in Cherry profile by a top keycap manufacturer, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. We've also custom-engineered switches to enhance your typing experience: the HMX Violet linear switch provides a solid feel with a minimal wobble and a deep thock, while the JWK WOB switch delivers a smoother keystroke and a crisper thock. Each switch is factory-lubed for an optimally smooth action, making every keystroke a satisfying experience. (Switches by JWK with similar molds cost at least $0.4 per switch)


JWK/HMX Switches - Maybe the Best Stock Switches on a $100-ish Keyboard

JWK Swithes: Smoother, bigger tolerance between stem and base, thicker sound performance.

HMX Swithes: More Precise, smaller tolerance between stem and base, sharper sound performance.

Sound Test of the Switches

Doubleshot PBT Keycaps: Thick PBT Material, Sharp Legends

NKRO Support  - N-Key Roll Over

From colors, processes, battery, RGB and weight options, to personalized layouts, to add-ons that are available. Every element of the Rainy 75 is an invitation to make it uniquely yours. It's not just a keyboard; it's your keyboard.


10 Variants of the Rainy 75

"Why don't I have a protection case for my iPhone 15 Pro? This is not because I am super rich. When I make products and inspect the manufactured parts for the Rainy 75, I rub my iPhone 15 Pro on my face and feel the smoothness. Then, I take a Rainy 75 and rub it on the other side of the face, if the smoothness of the surface of the Rainy 75 is close to the smoothness of my iPhone, that means the surfacing meets my expectations" -- Mr. Gao, Production Manager


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Manuel C.
Colombia Colombia

Amazing keyboard

Kang W.
Singapore Singapore


I went from a regular keyboard to a gaming keyboard, that was a step up. I went from that to a keychron, that was a step up. I went from that to a rainy75. This was a step, it's a universe up. I didn't expect to go straight into end game at this price point. But I'm amazed and super happy with my purchase. Everything about it feels ultra premium.