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Glorious Lube Station
Glorious Lube Station
Glorious Lube Station

Glorious Lube Station

Glorious PC Gaming Race
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Take the chaos out of switch lubing with the Glorious Lube Station! Holds up to 36
mechanical keyboard switch springs, stems, and housings in perfect position for
maximum lubing efficiency.

With a stylish, compact acrylic body and 9 additional slots
for all of your lubing accessories, keeping your workstation in order has never been
easier. You’ll be able to lube faster, and never lose parts again!

Material: Fingerprint-resistant coated acrylic with anti-slip rubber feet
Dimensions: 270 x 220 mm

36 x Switch Housings
36 x Stems
36 x Springs
1 x G-Lube
1 x Standard Lube Vial
2 x Glorious Lube Brushes
2 x Standard Paint Brushes
1 x Glorious Switch Opener
1 x Glorious Switch Puller
1 x Standard Tweezer