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Why Open a Physical Store for Keyboards?

With the increasing allure of mechanical keyboards, everyone has been looking to purchase and customize a keyboard they can call the best of their own.

It has always been uniquely satisfying about visiting a physical store, and in this article we will delve into the reasons behind our decision to open a physical store for mechanical keyboards.

Tangible Experience

In the era of online shopping, the tactile experience often takes a backseat but with the presence of a physical store - customers are offered the chance to touch, feel, and test mechanical keyboards.

There's no substitute for the satisfaction of hearing the satisfying "thock" or pop of different switches, trying a new layout for the first time, or feeling the texture of different keycaps.

This hands-on experience allows customers to make informed decisions and find the perfect keyboard that they have been dreaming for.

Expert Guidance

One of the key advantages at MECHA store is the availability of expert guidance. Whether you're a newcomer to mechanical keyboards or a jaded veteran, the MECHA staff who are enthusiasts themselves will provide personalized advice and recommendations based on individual needs.

Community Building

The mechanical keyboard community is known for its passion and camaraderie, and one of our aims is to create a hub where everyone can come together, form a bond and share experiences over their love for keyboards.

Unique Selection

MECHA store offers a curated selection of mechanical keyboards, keycaps, switches, and accessories which you won't find anywhere else.

We work closely with manufacturers and artisans to bring exclusive products to our customers, ensuring that MECHA store is a destination for those seeking uniqueness and innovation.

Immediate Gratification

While online shopping offers convenience, it often comes with the drawback of waiting for shipping. At MECHA store, you find something that catches your eye, be it a regular Keychron or a limited board like a JRIS65, you get to 'cash and carry' it away.

Technical Support

Mechanical keyboards will sometimes require technical support or maintenance. With MECHA store, customers are offered the convenience of in-person technical assistance, including troubleshooting, repairs, and customization services. This adds significant value to the overall ownership experience.


In a world where digital transactions dominate, opening a physical store for mechanical keyboards is a labor of love.
It's about providing a unique, hands-on experience, fostering a sense of community, and adding our own personal twist to it.

We believe that by combining the best of both worlds - the digital realm and the physical store - we can elevate the mechanical keyboard experience and continue to fuel the passion of enthusiasts everywhere. So, if you're looking to embark on a tactile journey through the world of mechanical keyboards, visit us and discover why we're more than just a store; we're a destination for keyboard enthusiasts.