The Best of Keychron's Mechanical Keyboards (2024)

The Best of Keychron's Mechanical Keyboards (2024)

No matter what you do, we use a keyboard nearly every day in our lives. As a tool that you use daily, it’s essential to have one that suits your needs perfectly.

Keychron provides an experience suited for basically everyone. Whether you're crunching numbers on your MacBook during the day or gaming away through the night, Keychron has something especially for you.

Here's our favourites:


Keychron's years of experience shine through their flagship offering, sporting a beautiful CNC aluminum case while still offering Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connectivity.

Featuring a polycarbonate plate and acoustic foams, the Q1 Max has been optimized to feel and sound as good as custom boards double or triple the price without any compromises.

Sparing no expense, all Q1 Max keyboards also feature beautiful double-shot KSA keycaps, fully customizable RGB backlighting, and QMK/VIA support for unparalleled customizability with key remapping and macro support.

Keychron Q1 Max QMK/VIA Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard – Keychron |  Mechanical Keyboards for Mac, Windows and Android
All that being said, the Q1 Max is nothing short of remarkable, acting as a hallmark of the progress mechanical keyboards have made in just a few years.

While Keychron's Q1 Max isn't an affordable piece, the value it represents with its thoughtful design makes it a great deal, even with its higher price tag.



V stands for Value, and trust us when we say that the V5 Max is chock-full of it.

Borrowing from its more expensive sibling, the V5 Max also features a polycarbonate plate, allowing it to sound and feel significantly better than other options in its price range.

With the V series trading the metal case for plastic, the V5 Max becomes easily portable for those who find themselves in a hot-desk arrangement, without significant compromise on functionality or feel.

Keychron's V5 Max also features a unique 96% layout, retaining most of the keys you'd might need whilst still reducing its footprint significantly.
Keychron V5 Max QMK/VIA Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard – Keychron |  Mechanical Keyboards for Mac, Windows and Android
Keychron's V5 Max is a no-brainer for those who need the functionality of a numpad.

Combined with remarkable build quality, typing feel/sound and full customisability, the V5 Max will fit right in with almost any setup.

Going back to where it all started, Keychron's low profile options remain second to none. 

Combining form and function, the K3 Max intentional design wastes no space whilst maintaining its sleek and stylish exterior. 


Featuring a beautiful bead-blasted aluminum top frame, stunning double-shot PBT keycaps, and fully customizable RGB backlighting, the K3 Max is sure to impress no matter where you bring it.

Keychron's K3 Max also still features full hot-swap capabilities alongside its VIA/QMK support, making it able to support full key remapping and custom macros, just like its bigger brothers.


Investing in a board means investing in a tool that enhances both your productivity and your gaming experience, making it a valuable addition to your daily toolkit.
Whether you need the top-tier performance and build quality of the Q1 Max,
the value-packed versatility of the V5 Max, or the sleek, portable design of the K3 Max, Keychron has a board that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

With their thoughtful design, superior build quality, and availability, Keychron keyboards not only meet but exceed the demands of even the most dedicated of power users.

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